Large Pencils (round) and Triangular-Shaped Large Pencils:  For those who have a hard time holding/gripping a regular pencil.

Pencil Grips:  Grips make your pencil or pen easier to hold and may reduce hand fatigue.

Adaptive Mice:  Ergonomic mice,  trackball mice, vertical mice.

Keyboard with Mousepad:   For those that have difficulties navigating with a mouse.

Large print keyboards:  Oversized print letters and high contrast for visibility.  Full-sized keyboard.

Acrylic overlay for large print keyboards:  The keyguard is a great accessory for computer users with limited motor skills such as those with Parkinson’s. A sturdy frame allows hands to be rested on it without accidentally pressing keys Polished holes directly above all the individual keys guide fingers allowing increased typing accuracy and reducing frustration.

EazyHold Universal Cuff Grip Assist:  For those with limited or no grip strength.

RinG-Pen:  An ergonomic ball-point pen. Useful for persons with arthritis, carpal tunnel or weak grip

rinG-Pen Ultra:  Supports a pen, pencil, marker, or paintbrush. Designed to help anyone with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress syndrome. Assist hand weakness, fine motor skills and reduces the need to use pressure preventing pain and muscle cramps.  Right-handed only.

PenAgain:  Ergonomic wishbone design with a finger cradle.  Helps keep hand fatigue and writers cramp at bay.

If you have a student with a specific need that is not listed in our lending library, please contact PANDA staff at to request the item.  We will purchase it for your program when funding allows.