CAST is a non-profit education and research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning.

CAST – Antiracism and UDL–udl-announcement-fritzgerald

CAST – UDL at a Glance
For an overview of Universal Design for Learning, watch this five minute video.

UDL On Campus
Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education
Although it is geared toward higher education, it is more relevant than some of the K-12 information about UDL.

Disabilities, Opportunities, Inter-networking, and Technology (DO-IT)
Helps to increase the successful participation of individuals with disabilities.  Provides guidelines and examples of UDL.

If Equity is a Priority, UDL is a Must
Listen to the interview with Katie Novak and Mirko Chardin

National Center for Accessible Media
Provides information and resources for expanding access to educational and media technologies for students with disabilities.

National Center on Universal Design for Learning
Provides a wide variety of information about UDL, including implementation, research and resources.

UDL is Step Zero toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
A workshop put on at Northern Arizona University Teaching Academy.

UDL Tech Toolkit
UDL Tech Toolkit- this website offers audio books, text to speech, graphic organizers, study skills tools and more technology tools based on Universal Design for Learning.