It is important to ask adult students if they wish to share information concerning any disability that might affect their learning. ABE staff would be unable to identify students who have heart disease, seizures, kidney disease, and even some brain injuries unless the student shares the information. But it’s important to know, as some medical conditions could require emergency assistance.

Here are some questions to get the conversation started:

  1. Would you like to share information concerning any disability that might affect your learning?  How does it affect your learning?
  2. 911 will be called in case of an emergency.  Is there anything staff should do until the emergency responders arrive?  And who should we contact in case of an emergency?
  3. Do you need assistance in any health care issues?  (If so, remind them he/she will need to bring a health care provider along for assistance.)
  4. Would you like to share information concerning your disability with the rest of the students?
  5. Do you know how to use a computer?  What programs have you used?  What accommodations do you use?
  6. What assistive technology do you use at home or work to help you write, read or do math problems?  Please bring those devices with you to school.
  7. What was your favorite subject in school?
  8. What was your least favorite subject in school?
  9. What didn’t you learn in school that you would have liked to learn?
  10. Is there anything that you need to learn to bring you closer to being independent?
  11. How can we make the classroom more user-friendly for you or others?
  12. Did you ever attend special classes when you were in school?  If so, tell me about them.
  13. Why did you decide to attend adult basic education classes?
  14. What are your academic goals?  (If the students say they are attending because they want to make new friends, adult basic education might not be the correct placement.)
  15. Do you understand the Student Progress Policy?  If not, what questions do you have?
  16. What can I do to ensure that you can be as independent as possible?
  17. Have you read any books or magazines recently?  Do you read the newspaper?
  18. Do you manage your own finances?  Do you rely on a calculator?
  19. Do you write letters, emails or “to do” lists?